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Irish Linen Bath towel

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  • Beautifully woven with Irish Linen for STABLE, our bath towels are a pleasure to use. Irish Linen has a number of properties that benefit us. It is naturally anti-bacterial, which is so great for hygiene, health and cleanliness. It is fast drying, which is useful when you consider how long it takes to dry a cotton fluffy towel. It is hard-wearing. Linen wears well and gets nicer with use and age. It is light in weight, so a bonus when travelling. Our Irish Linen Barth Towels are much sought after by frequent travellers as they pack away neatly taking up minimum space. We have also a woven texture to the fabric which acts as a naturally gentle exfoliation for the skin. Linen as a fabric is a very sustainable textile and is great for the planet. It is biodegradable, an all natural plant fibre from the Flax grass. Flax gives us healthy oils, flowers for the bees and is light on the soil. 

    Irish Linen towels were common in houses over the last century before the advent of the fluffy cotton towels. In fact it was common for family to hand down their linens from generation to generation such was their durability.

  • 100% Linen. 

    Size 100cm x 150cm.

    Cool wash in cold water with Non Bio, dry flat naturally. 

  • Products are dispatched from Ireland and will arrive in 5-7 days.

Our Weavers

We are proud to work with the best mills and weavers across Ireland.

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Celebrating All Things Irish

We have striven to create a place of excellence for Irish linen and textiles at our Dublin shop, off Grafton Street. Our shop has become a destination for people from both home and abroad who love the creativity of Irish craft and design. 

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Size Guide

STABLE Linens:

The Ultra Skinny 10 x 200cm

The Skinny 20 x 200cm

The Single Large 75 x 150cm

The Double Long 30 x 200cm


The Travel Mask:

At this time we only produce in 2 sizes, Medium and Large. These are adult sizes only. We do not currently make masks for children.

We recommended mask size selection dimensions based on average face ratios. A women’s faces tends to be smaller than a man’s face so typically women will require a Medium and men will require a Large. We do recommend you check the size required by following our measuring guide below before ordering.

The dimensions of The Travel Mask are -

Medium: 23.5cm wide and 12.5cm high

Large: 26.5cm wide x 14.5cm high

So to select your size use this guide - with a measuring tape, measure the distance across the middle of your face over the tip of your nose to within 2cm from each ear. Next measure the distance between your chin to the bridge of your nose.

For Medium Travel masks -

Cross face measurements will be between 25cm and 28cm. Chin to the bridge of nose measurements will be between 10cm and 13cm.

For Large Travel Masks -

Cross face measurements will be between 28cm and 31cm. Chin to the bridge of nose measurements will be between 13cm and 16cm.