Easter Table; it's time for a re-set!

  Easter is such a lovely time. It’s the combination of longer days after the winter, the ground warming, trees budding, birds stirring and most of all, the light. There’s a buzz in the air and a bounce in people’s step. For us Easter is also a real gathering time, friends and family and taking some time to catch up, eat delicious food and get outdoors. Sitting down to an Easter feast is always the goal and half the fun is the simple thing of setting the table. Here’s how we will do it this year! Gorgeous natural flowers and leaves from the garden, crystal decanters become candle holders, Irish linen tablecloth and napkins for colour and backdrop to the delicious dishes to be served on. We are loving the spring yellow napkins at the moment. bright and fresh and warm. 

Easter time is generally holiday time too. Kids are off school and fun things to do with them include painting eggs, creating an easter tree and cooking up easter treats. Easter egg hunts bring everyone outdoors too. We hard boil eggs and give them to the kids to decorate. Once painted we number them, then hide them in the garden. Egg hunt time then all the eggs are peeled and turned into a tasty starter egg mayonnaise with a green salad made from wild garlic, sorrel and herbs. Win win! 

Flowers and foliage for the table is generally picked from the garden and at this time of year daffodils and cherry blossoms are in abundance and to bring a few branches in always adds some style and drama. Thats what we like to think in any case! 

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