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Ireland was the world’s largest producer of linen with weavers and mills located in the North of the island.

The skills which were handed down over generations by Irish spinners and weavers led to a strength and fineness of the yarns and woven cloth.

Our little island became a world centre of excellence in the production of linen for domestic and commercial uses. From the finest luxury damask used by the royal households of Europe to international airplane upholstery for its durability.

Today Ireland has a thriving industry in textile weaving both North and South. Linen is popular in a wide range of products including napkins, tablecloths, table runners, bath and hand towels, kitchen towels, scarfs, face masks and headbands.

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6 Inspirational Places to visit in Ireland for the best Irish Linen

6 Inspirational Places
To Visit in Ireland

Highly evocative places to visit and experience.

See more of the country in all its colours. Feel the inspiration that has made Irish linen and textiles the best in the world.

What to see and do in Ireland for the best Irish Linen

What is Special
To See & Do in Ireland

Top recommendations and highlights to share.

Learn about the special venues, activities and outdoor adventures Ireland offers its visitors.  All while learning about Irish weavers & makers.

7 Trips of a Lifetime to take to Ireland for the best Irish Linen

7 Trips of a Lifetime
To Take to Ireland

The most memorable and unique journeys to take. 

Plan your trip for and an itinerary and route that makes the journey full of memories.  And discover more about Irish linen traditions and history.

Be inspired for your Ireland visit with the best Irish hand made linens

Be inspired for your Ireland visit with the best Irish hand made linens

This is a collection of original handcrafted Irish linen and textile accessories, homeware and lifestyle goods. The collection has been selected for each pieces popularity amongst our international customers when visiting in-store.

Available to buy both online and in-store in our Dublin city centre location.

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STABLE of Ireland is a retailer of Irish linen, wool and cashmere selected for luxury shopping and gifting.

We are an award winning independent brand with a store in Dublin for sweaters, bedding, tablecloths, knitwear and clothing, bed linen, blankets and scarves.

We present the highest quality designs and crafted products for life and home.

STABLE is inspired by pure texture, tones, styles in hand woven fabrics and original materials sourced across Ireland.