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Black Travel Face Mask

  •  A jet black Irish linen mask finished with a jet black Irish linen nose wrap.

    A super comfortable, easy to wear, reusable, locally made Irish Linen Face Mask or covering. As we all try return to something close to normal life and as per the guidelines from the health authorities, we are now all expected to wear face masks on public transport, in shops and in places where social distancing is difficult. We have been making our Irish linen masks since early 2020. We are delighted to let you know we have our most popular colours, Blue and Khaki in regular stock in medium and large sizes.

    We offer FREE shipping on all orders for The STABLE of Ireland Travel Mask in the Republic of Ireland.

    Features of The Travel Mask:
    - Made of two layers of 100% earth-friendly natural Irish linen.
    - Nose wrap to help stop glasses fogging up and added protection against airborne droplets.
    - Fabric and mask made in Ireland. Reusable, ethical & sustainable.
    - Antimicrobial, anti-allergenic linen properties help protect against self-contamination.

    Designed as a natural, antimicrobial, comfortable natural linen fabric face protection alternative. The Travel Mask is ideal for travel and public areas use, and wellness.

    The Travel Mask provides for a fresh, easy to wear and practical experience, enabling you to comfortably breathe through 100% natural antimicrobial linen fabric for extended periods of time.

    Note: Not suitable for use as either a PPE medical or industrial device with air filtering features. For more information, please refer to 'Details'. View our product disclaimer by clicking here.

    The STABLE Travel Mask is defined as a Face Covering or Barrier Mask for consumers and is produced as per guidelines supplied by NSAI SWIFT 19 (National Safety Authority of Ireland and the CCPC (Competition and Consumer Protection Commission). This is not personal protective equipment (PPE) or a medical device (MD) under EU law. It is made in Ireland by STABLE of Ireland, 2 Westbury Mall, Dublin D02NH29.

    Warning: This Face Covering or Barrier Mask is not intended to protect the consumer against viral infection. Used in conjunction with relevant public health advice, social distancing and hand hygiene, a Barrier Mask may help prevent the spread of viral infection to others. This Barrier Mask is for adult use only, not suitable for children. Materials used in this product do not cause skin irritation. This Barrier Mask has been tested for fit and use and re-usability.

    Models shown are wearing Medium. 
    Medium: 23.5cm wide and 12.5cm high

    At this time we only produce The Travel Mask in Medium and Large. These are adult sizes only. We do not currently make masks for children.

    To check size, use this guide - with a measuring tape, measure the distance across the middle of your face over the tip of your nose to within 2cm from each ear. Then, measure the distance between your chin to the bridge of your nose.

    For Medium Travel masks cross face measurements will be between 25cm and 28cm. Chin to the bridge of nose measurements will be between 10cm and 13cm. For Large Travel masks, cross face measurements will be between 27 and 30cm and chin to bridge of nose will be 12 and 15cm.

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Made from 100% Irish Linen. Wash by hand in cool water with wash liquid or soap and work up a good soapy lather for 20 seconds minimum. Rinse well. Stretch out and dry naturally. If desired, steam iron while damp taking extra care not to iron the elastics.

    To wear place mask to face with nose wrap extended up and over the bridge of your nose. Place ear loops around both ears and adjust for comfort. To remove mask, un-loop the ear elastics and lift off the face.

    IMPORTANT PRODUCT DISCLAIMER The Travel Mask is not designed for clinical or industrial air filtration use, nor is it suitable for these purposes. We do not recommend its use by anybody requiring protection from airborne pathogens.

    Our travel masks provide limited protection from self- infection caused by touching surfaces that are infected with pathogens, and transferring those pathogens to the wearer’s mouth.

    If used in accordance with WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines The Travel Mask may assist in reducing the transfer of airborne pathogens by the wearer. Any benefit from our travel masks is based on established benefits from face masks generally (if used correctly), and certain, limited antimicrobial properties of linen flax.

    We do not make health promotion claims for our products, nor do we give warranties or guarantees in respect of their use. We do not represent our travel masks as having air filtration benefits, nor do they have features regarding particulate material or sub-micron air filtering from any viruses or other pathogens or airborne pollutants.


  • Due to the type of product and how it is worn, we are unable to accept returns of The Travel Mask under any condition after delivery. This does not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

    We endeavour to fulfil orders as quickly as possible but may face delays arising from current restrictions, so delivery may take 7 - 10 working days. Orders are posted via the Irish postal service, An Post.


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    Lucy O.
    Ireland Ireland

    I have only purchased masks so far, but I found the craftsmanship to be superb. Very comfortable and stylish in a very understated way.

    Anne G.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    the best masks

    I have purchased multiple linen masks for my son and I during the pandemic. They are beautifully made and perfectly fit our faces. I have multiple colourways and they wash well. I find them more comfortable than cotton. I have asthma and these don't restrict my breathing in any way. Thank you, STABLE.

    Melanie I.
    Ireland Ireland

    Really well made and great quality.

    Monica H.
    Ireland Ireland

    A great face mask if wearing glasses because of the nose piece. Wash great time and time again and hold there shape

    Cecilia M.
    Jersey Jersey
    Comfortable and stylish.

    This is my second order of the travel mask. I find a linen mask so much more comfortable than cotton as the material is more breathable. The sewn on nosepiece follows the contour of the face and makes this style easy to wear. I put a knot in the elastic ear straps in order to shorten them a little.

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    Size Guide

    STABLE Linens:

    The Ultra Skinny 10 x 200cm

    The Skinny 20 x 200cm

    The Single Large 75 x 150cm

    The Double Long 30 x 200cm


    The Travel Mask:

    At this time we only produce in 1 size, Medium. Currently, we are NOT able to produce in Large due to production limitations during the COVID-19 lockdown. These are adult sizes only. We do not currently make masks for children.

    We recommended mask size selection dimensions based on average face ratios. A women’s faces tends to be smaller than a man’s face so typically women will require a Medium and men will require a Large. We do recommend you check the size required by following our measuring guide below before ordering.

    The dimensions of The Travel Mask are -

    Medium: 23.5cm wide and 12.5cm high

    Large: 26.5cm wide x 14.5cm high

    So to select your size use this guide - with a measuring tape, measure the distance across the middle of your face over the tip of your nose to within 2cm from each ear. Next measure the distance between your chin to the bridge of your nose.

    For Medium Travel masks -

    Cross face measurements will be between 25cm and 28cm. Chin to the bridge of nose measurements will be between 10cm and 13cm.

    For Large Travel Masks -

    Cross face measurements will be between 28cm and 31cm. Chin to the bridge of nose measurements will be between 13cm and 16cm.