The Pear Illustrated Tea Towel by Rory O'Connell Joy of Food

  • What is not to love than a favourite go-to tea towel? Commanding the kitchen stage the tea towel is, it can be argued, the humblest and hardest working piece of kitchen kit we reach for every day. It usually takes a discreet but vital centre stage over the oven door or hooked to a press. From dawn to dusk, drying things, lifting things, wiping things, tea towels must be absorbent, fast-drying, hygienic and most importantly a joy to look at and to use.

    Our Joy of Food Tea Towels are made with pure Irish Linen and feature the beautiful illustrations drawn by Rory O’Connell for his new delicious cookbook - The Joy of Food. These tea towels are a bright and cheery addition to any kitchen space and make wonderful drying cloths. (And should you wish, lovely framed wall prints too). Easy to clean, anti-microbial, multi-functional and most importantly, made with a natural sustainable earth-friendly textile; Irish linen. Produced by STABLE of Ireland exclusively for Rory O'Connell 2021.

  • 100% Irish linen made in Ireland.
    Machine wash low temperatures, dry naturally.

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