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A Guide to: Sea Hare Dinners

A duo of friends who live in Connemara, Galway, created a small local enterprise in the coastal village of Cleggan. Both keen cooks, they’re also passionate about the wealth of local fresh foods and ingredients available on their doorstep. Three or four times a month during the summer season, they host their hugely popular pop-up dinners. Booking is essential as they can only cater for small groups.


Philippa and Sinead serve up freshly caught seafood and fish such as crab, oysters and salmon and delicious local lamb along with simply cooked, locally grown vegetables including samphire, micro-greens and the tastiest new potatoes. These delicious menus are not to be missed. Definitely our favourite pop up of the year in 2019!

Check them out here.

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STABLE Linens:

The Ultra Skinny 10 x 200cm

The Skinny 20 x 200cm

The Single Large 75 x 150cm

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The Travel Mask:

At this time we only produce in 1 size, Medium. Currently, we are NOT able to produce in Large due to production limitations during the COVID-19 lockdown. These are adult sizes only. We do not currently make masks for children.

We recommended mask size selection dimensions based on average face ratios. A women’s faces tends to be smaller than a man’s face so typically women will require a Medium and men will require a Large. We do recommend you check the size required by following our measuring guide below before ordering.

The dimensions of The Travel Mask are -

Medium: 23.5cm wide and 12.5cm high

Large: 26.5cm wide x 14.5cm high

So to select your size use this guide - with a measuring tape, measure the distance across the middle of your face over the tip of your nose to within 2cm from each ear. Next measure the distance between your chin to the bridge of your nose.

For Medium Travel masks -

Cross face measurements will be between 25cm and 28cm. Chin to the bridge of nose measurements will be between 10cm and 13cm.

For Large Travel Masks -

Cross face measurements will be between 28cm and 31cm. Chin to the bridge of nose measurements will be between 13cm and 16cm.