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Pickable Edibles: The STABLE Guide to Foraging Wood Sorrel

Fresh salmon open sandwich with wood sorrel, dill mayo and black pepper



Monday sees the easing of restrictions and we’re looking forward to exploring a little more within our county and finding new ways to experiment with the free food that grows on our little island.


In the meantime, we're sticking closer to home and to our lovely local woods for this weeks edition of Pickable Edibles where we are looking at Wood Sorrel, the little weed that can sometimes be misconstrued for a clover but when found can make an excellent addition to your dishes that might be lacking in flavour, or the perfect complement to your afternoon picnic.


Wood Sorrel is an interesting one as it has quite a powerful flavour for such a little plant. Its zingy taste makes it the perfect garnish for salads and sandwiches, but it is also quite commonly used as a palate-cleanser in restaurants thanks to its pungent citrus flavour.


Serving suggestions:

Best eaten fresh, wood sorrel is the perfect addition to your picnic in the woods. Add it to your sandwiches, toss some in a salad to add that touch of citrus flavour or add it to your eggs in the morning. In the above photo we've served ours on a fresh salmon open sandwich with dill mayo and black pepper – the perfect start to the weekend!


We love Wood Sorrel, but it not one to overeat, we use it sparingly for flavour. Enjoy!

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