The Easter Table


Easter is such great family time and we love to gather the clan and celebrate spring and life and all the potential for the summer ahead.

For the weekend that is ahead many folks will make an Easter Tree. For ours we cut some branches and paint white. When dry, pit the branches into a tall sturdy vase ready to decorate. Our decorations tend to be simple and fun and made by the kids.

Painted eggs, paper cutouts and ribbons and then the collected bunnies, chicken and bird decorations bought over the years. Easter egg hunts are for real hard boiled eggs, painted by family and friends the day before and numbered. Each number equals a prize of money or small fun gifts.

Easter lunch is a great affair with the table set with flowers and fresh linens and fine food to gather around and wile the day away. There are many wild greens growing now that add to the Easter menu choices. Nettles, Wild Garlic, Penny Wort and Alexander to name a few.

We love to make Wild Garlic pesto (simply substitute Wild Garlic eaves for Basil) Nettle Soup, and steamed young Alexander stems. We serve up Penny Wort leaves fresh with poached eggs too.

Getting the table ready is also a family affair. Irish Linen tablecloths out, Irish Linen napkins ironed, wild flowers picked and chocolate truffle eggs scattered. A feast of wicklow lamb and fresh wild greens and roast potatoes is always a winner.

Of course we will say our STABLE Irish Linen napkins give the extra gorgeousness to any table. So we wish you a great Easter weekend and we hope you get time to relax and restore.

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