The Texture of Irish Life

We at STABLE believe our Irishness is rooted in our cultural heritage in textiles and craft. Irishness is proud, warm and kind. It is wild, creative, beautiful and melancholy. It is our weather, it is our landscape. It is the very hands of the people who make and craft across the island of Ireland, north and south. Precious skills with natural materials in past centuries were honed out of necessity for daily life in rural communities and today our priority is to honour, respect and preserve this.

We wish to present our Irishness through the lens of what we hold from these past craft and textile traditions while adding a fresh approach to the design of our collections in order to suit the way we live today. By doing this, with every piece we hope to highlight the vibrant new skills of a growing pool of creative talent working in craft on the island.

A large focus for our work is to gain a deeper understanding of Ireland through what we make. Everything we do has a story; the history of the craft, the textile, the art, the location, the background to the wonderful people who make with us. Each and every scarf, throw, piece of clothing or home accessory is deeply imbued with it all. For us, it is a pure joy to do what we do and our wish is that you feel it too. Everything we design and make is built to last, working with natural materials as close to us as possible. We strive to run our business ethically and sustainably every day.

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''The STABLE ethos is to celebrate what we, as a nation, have to offer by designing and making scarves, clothing and home accessories using Irish linen, handwoven wool, cashmere and alpaca.''

Five years since opening their first permanent shop, Stable of Ireland founders Sonia Reynolds and Francie Duff reflect on navigating a friendship while growing their brand, the changes Covid brought to the retail landscape and their ongoing mission to support traditional Irish crafts.

Read the article here by @bairbrepower, FASHION Editor of Irish Independent.


Family & Friends

We refuse to see the disappearance of the hand, the story or the journey that comes with fine craftsmanship. We work with over 30 different makers in Ireland.

Celebrating All Things Irish

We have striven to create a place of excellence for Irish linen and textiles at our Dublin shop, off Grafton Street. Our shop has become a destination for people from both home and abroad who love the creativity of Irish craft and design.