What Does Going Green Mean?


Buying a heap-load of cheap throwaway merch that you wear once a year to celebrate a country famous for the outdoors seems pretty ironic to us. Sustainable fashion is no new trend, but it’s easy for our beliefs to disappear into the dump when a festival comes around. Thing is, St Patrick’s Day come around every year. Tonnes and tonnes of plastic goes to the trash and what a shame is that?

How fantastic is this, that a country and its people can be recognised by a colour? We are a land of so many shades of green and we confine ourselves to the mass-produced paraphernalia presented to us. Let's make the most of green in all its shades and meanings.

There are so many ways to celebrate Irishness, the people and the culture, but it can start by wearing something you’re actually proud of. Support local and traditional Irish weavers and makers, if you love her history, keep it alive! Champion the people behind the flag by wearing something crafted with love and care, or invest in the Emerald Isle and her wilderness. Keep her quite literally green by buying things that work with nature rather than against it. Linen and other natural fibres like tweed last lifetimes and only get more beautiful with age.

We’re so done with the kind of green you see oozing out of cheap souvenir stores. We adore colour. A pop, a hint or burst of it comes with everything we design and make at STABLE. Experiment with what kind of green you’re proud of.. Quince Green, Moss Green, Electric Green, Mint GreenEmerald Green, Khaki Green … the list goes on. Our Irish linen scarves are the easiest way to show off that Irish flair. Around the neck, under a jumper, over a dress, the possibilities are endless.

Rant over. Be green!

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