STABLE Awarded by Image Interiors & Living Design


We are totally chuffed and delighted to have been given an Image Interiors & Living Irish Design Award for Fabric, at the Annual Event held in Fade St Social in Dublin yesterday.

A big thank you to the Image Interiors team and judges for your support for STABLE and our goals to champion Irish textiles and Irish Design in Ireland and abroad.

A big thank you also to the exceptionally skilled wool, linen, cashmere weavers, manufacturers, knitters, seamers and finishers around the country North and South, with whom we work to produce our scarves and home accessories, without whom we could not do what we do!



Ireland has a rich heritage of creativity, and since the first issue of Image Interiors & Living, we have prided ourselves on championing and supporting both the artisan and the industry.

In our Design Awards, we celebrate the makers and designers who have showcased true excellence in their fields. After a rigorous shortlisting process by our judges and reader votes, we present our ten category winners…

Within their category, Francie Duff and Sonia Reynolds were already well acquainted with the other nominees. “We are huge admirers of Molloy & Son, Mourne Textiles and McNutt. All are exceptionally talented weavers with generations of experience and skill behind them,” explains Francie.

“In fact, we work with both McNutt and Molloy & Son to make blankets for Stable, along with about eight other weavers and knitters from all over Ireland.” It is part of their vision to work closely with the best Irish weavers and textile manufacturers to produce beautiful Irish textiles.

For their portrait, we head to Emblem in Wexford who they work with for all their linen scarves. “Emblem are also a longstanding Irish linen and wool weaver and produce exceptional quality Irish linen,” says Sonia. “Sadly, we don’t grow flax here in Ireland any more so our source linen thread is grown and spun in Belgium, but the skill that Emblem brings to the weaving is outstanding. Irish linen is of the best in the world.”

When asked who or what is exciting them in Irish design at the moment, the pair have an endless list. “It’s like the last recession unleashed a hunger for creativity again, and the resourcefulness and energy to make things happen too.”


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