The Irish Linen Journey: Part Two


Ireland became expert in linen production as far back as the 17th century and this came about for 2 main reasons.

Previously, wool production in Ireland was in direct competition with and therefore threatened the English woolen industry. Ireland was forced to switch to linen production through support from the local Irish administration through incentives, tariffs and taxes.

At about the same time, the French Huguenots who were being persecuted in France, fled to Ireland bringing with them their unrivaled weaving skills and in some cases their looms and machinery.

The industry grew dramatically and by the 1920's there were over 70,000 people directly employed with approximately 37,000 looms producing linen coveted by the upper classes and royalty across the world.

After successive world wars and the rise of industrial colonial power in parts of Europe and Asia that offered cheaper manufacturing, the Irish linen industry was almost obliterated.

Today, there are only 8 linen producers left on the island of Ireland. At STABLE, It is our goal to champion Irish linen through close partnership with those remaining producers. Its our pleasure to work with the finest experts in linen weaving who produce the original Irish linen for our scarves and other accessories, and for the home in table, bed and bath sets.

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