Nóirín Pye and the STABLE Story


Nóirón Pye was 21-years-old when she set up her handloom in the heart of Dublin and opened her workshop to customers. Being a young woman in a typically male-dominated craft didn’t cross her mind and she learnt her skill quickly and deftly. With an extraordinary eye for colour, she caught the attention of Dublin’s well-heeled including Louis le Brocquy who commissioned her to make a special tweed for his suits among other clothing pieces.



Sonia and I had the pleasure of meeting Nóirín 3 years ago at her home in the Dublin mountains where we were able to hear her story and see and feel her tweeds. We got lost in time through the conversation and the life of this wonderfully kind and brilliant woman.
Please check out this recent Irish Times feature of Nóirín written by Dierdre McQuillan. We bought Nóirín's fabric and have made up two skirt designs to show off her incredibly fine weaving work and colour schemes. Skirts are made to order. Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this further: hello@stable.ie

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