So Let’s Sparkle This Christmas! The STABLE Halo Landscape Ring Collection in Collaboration with Niamh Breen


We are so pleased to be introducing a small and exclusive collection of exquisite rings called the Halo Landscape ring collection. Driven by the desire to capture the mesmerising colours found in our favourite places around the island of Ireland, we collaborated with fine jewellery designer Niamh Breen to bring our idea to fruition. Our great friend Niamh, influenced by her time living in Asia and the South Pacific, and her keen interest and studies in gemology, has been sourcing the finest fair trade stones available and creating standout jewellery pieces.

We set the brief to find stones that could reflect the feelings and sense of the locations of extraordinary beauty that we come across on our frequent road trips to suppliers across the country; the elements of our Irish water, weather, sky, land and nature. Niamh perfectly set our chosen stones in a simple surround of either 14ct gold or for added sparkle, brilliant cut white diamonds.  These rings are truly stunning. We lose ourselves in the colours and they bring joy and happiness and a smile every time we look at them.  


Available to try on by appointment in store, please email us for more information. Sizing can be adjusted as required.  Stones ethically sourced. Rings made with 14ct gold.


The Gurteen Bay ; Emerald Amethyst Halo Gold

The Wicklow Bog River; Smokey Topaz Halo Gold 

The Deep Blue Sea Blue Topaz Halo Gold 

The April Sky; Sky Blue Topaz 1 Halo Gold and Halo Diamond 

The Whiskey Hills Citrine Halo Diamond 


Priced at:

The Halo ring with gold surround €980

The Halo ring with diamond surround €1780 

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The Irish Whiskey Citrine Topaz Halo Ring $2,630.11

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