STABLE Wins Irish Country Magazine Irish Made Award


Francie Duff Sonia Reynolds STABLE of Ireland STABLE Wins Irish Country Magazine Irish Made Award

We were so delighted to have been honoured with first in the Best in Textiles award category for the IRISH MADE AWARDS 2022 at the recent ceremony hosted by Irish Country Magazine.

These annual awards call out for Irish businesses, makers, independent craftspeople and large-scale producers to submit their pieces, collections, and products that they design and make in Ireland. It is dear to our hearts, not only because we ourselves make it a priority to make our products on the Island of Ireland, but also because it introduces so many exciting new talents to an audience that wants to support and champion what we do so beautifully on this Island. We salute the Irish Made team at Irish Country Magazine for yet another superb event. 

Our award for Textiles featured our use of exquisite handwoven tweed made by Noirin Pye in the 1970s. We met Noirin during lockdown and had a wonderful time with her at her home in the Dublin mountains reminiscing about her early years setting up her Weaving Shed in the heart of Dublin, the cloth she produced and the interesting clients she met. In her 80’s now, Noirin is an inspiration to us with her joy for her craft and her extraordinary skills and eye for colour. We bought her cloth and designed two full long skirts which were photographed by Barry McCall. Dierdre McQuillan, fashion editor of the Irish Times, wrote a wonderful piece on Noirin too and featured the photographs too. You can read the piece here

In our category for Textiles sponsored by Magee, we were up against stiff competition and every one who entered this category has worked incredibly hard to create and make. So we are very grateful for our win and want to shout out to all the makers across Ireland, many of whom we have the pleasure of working with!

Thank you to editor Klara Heron and her team at Irish Country Magazine (a great read!) and sponsors Design Crafts Council Ireland and Gauranteed Irish.

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