STABLE & Irish Linen


Since Sonia and I started working on creating STABLE over 6 years ago, we have always had at the core of what we do, the preservation and promotion of Irish Linen. For us, Irish Linen is a magnificent fabric that has deep roots in our collective Irish history north and south. Flax, the plant from which linen is made, has been grown in Ireland successfully since the 11th century and records of cloth and preserved clothing from this time exist. Our climate suits this hardy beautiful grass and the plant has so many uses in its own right.

Irish linen is created from a 100% natural plant-based fibre, is naturally antibacterial, biodegradable, hard-wearing, and good for skin sensitivities and wool allergy people. The flax plant from which the linen yarns are spun is light on the land and needs less water to grow. The oil and seeds are hugely important staples for human and animal health. The flowers are a very important crop for pollinators too. All in all, it is all good.

For us using this natural plant-based Irish fabric make sense for our business, for our customers, for our Irish linen weavers and for our world. The bonus is, that every designed item of Irish linen that comes out of STABLE is a piece to enjoy, wear, gift and be proud of, knowing that we are collectively helping to preserve this industry and tradition for the future.

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