Navy Knit Lace Alpaca Scarf

  • This piece is inspired by the women of the Aran Islands long ago. We decided to rework four different lace style patterns typical of what the women here would have worn into deliciously soft alpaca wool. These are beautifully made by our knitter Marian. The result is a much hardier and wrinkle resistant display of fine lace knitting. A generous scarf, shoulder wrap and shawl to wear around the neck and shoulders or across the body tied with a belt.

  • Size 2.0 x 0.8 metres.

    The natural fibre is widely considered warmer and silkier than most other herd animals and often compared to cashmere. Alpacas do not produce lanolin, unlike sheep’s wool, which means it’s hypoallergenic and good for anyone who is a little sensitive to other natural fibres. Not only this, it really has minimal environmental impact in comparison too. They are only shorn once a year and require little processing to turn the fibre into a luxurious yarn. Their large hooves don’t pack down the soil and they graze lightly, not bothering trees. Altogether this makes alpaca wool one of the best examples of sustainable and eco-friendly wools out there, leaving few footprints on the planet.

    Alpaca 80% 
    Merino  20%
    Knitted in Ireland. 
    Cool handwash, dry flat.

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