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Individual and Corporate Gifting with Luxury Irish Originals

We champion timeless craftsmanship to turn simple beautiful things into memorable gifting experiences.

STABLE of Ireland offers its Milestones clients a portfolio of limited edition and uniquely sourced creative Irish design & craft gift ideas not available elsewhere.

The range is exclusive; each is an original Irish creative gift with unique style and collectible value, selected by us.

We can help you to inspire, recognise or commemorate a milestone. Personalize your corporate gift ideas, a landmark organisational event, business achievements, or business occasion.

Memorable Gifting Experiences

For over 5 years, STABLE has built a deep knowledge and understanding of the sourcing, output and skills of the design, crafts, makers and creatives sectors in Ireland. We are ready to share with you how a wide range of original and beautiful objects and ideas from across the island can become highly valued individual or corporate gifts. 

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If you're looking for craft & design ideas for corporate gifts or individual gifts that will be a memorable milestone for your business team, a personal network, or across and outside an organization, then we can help.