A Guide to: The Sally Gap


It is entering another country, the way you feel you’re in the middle of nowhere a mere twenty-five minutes’ drive out of bustling Dublin city. For travellers to our shores and indeed Irish folks too, it’s impossible not to take a drive through the Sally Gap in Wicklow – do it.


Military Road takes you through the Sally Gap, winding north to south through the Wicklow mountains. It was built by the British forces after the 1798 Irish Rebellion in order to flush out Irish rebels hiding in the hills. The spectacular drive snakes through the Wicklow Mountains, presenting you with blanket bogs, wildlife and birds, swathes of mountain heathers, bog cotton, ancient woodland, waterfalls and granite walls. Bring a picnic (with a couple of our Irish linen napkins of course!) and stop by the Glenmacnass Waterfall car park. Walk back up the meandering, rock-hopping river to find a quiet grassy spot where you can tuck in and enjoy the fresh air, sounds and aromas of wonderful Wicklow.


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