On the Table: Kombucha


We’ve been making our own kombucha these last few months and have noticed a real difference to our energy and well-being. And once you get used to the method, you’ll find it easy to make again and again.

First you need to get your hands on the fabulously unattractive-looking culture – the scoby – which will create the magic daily tonic. Check with your local health store or ask a willing friend – we got ours from a neighbour in Wicklow and have since shared its offspring with several friends. Win win!

We make our kombucha in a large glass jar with an Irish linen cloth cover (of course!). Brew a 2-litre base of black tea using three tea bags and four tablespoons of brown sugar. Once cooled, pour into the jar on top of the culture. Leave in a cool place to ferment for seven days and then decant into drinking bottles. You can at this stage add flavourings if you like but we love it just as it is: flavouring options might be ginger and lemon, pomegranate seeds or mint. We keep these decanted bottles at room temperature because they continue to ferment. As it’s popular in our house, we always have a few 2-litre jars on the go at all times. One glass a day is all you need for a refreshing, healthy pick-me-up that can have real benefits for your gut health and well-being. What’s not to love?

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