Our Irish Linen Masks


The idea for a STABLE travel mask came to us at the end of last year. We wanted to provide a fabric face covering that was comfortable, washable, reusable, environmentally friendly and a useful accessory for international travellers and commuters alike. We designed our mask to be functional, easy to wear and unisex. Our masks are sewn from two layers of Irish linen with an extra double-layer linen nose wrap. These are not surgical-grade protection masks – they are face masks designed to add an extra layer to people when out and about running errands, shopping or exercising. 

 We have been making Irish linen face masks to give to our friends, families and communities over these past weeks. The masks offer a layer of protection to help with prevent self-contamination (by touching our faces, for example) and also to contain sneezes and coughs. Some countries have made the wearing of face masks

mandatory in shops and public places. As awareness grows about the advantages of covering one's mouth and nose to ward off infection, so too does the demand for reusable masks. People are resourceful and make their own, and small businesses like ours are pitching in to help as well. 

We have the fabric and we have the skilled team of makers. When we had to close the shop, we set up an online giving-back programme. Through our community reach campaign, called Gift Your Neighbour,we provided a free face mask with every purchase for customers to gift to a neighbour or someone in need nearby. The campaign was a great success and ran for ten weeks. Every little helps.

You can purchase yours here. 

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