What's So Great About Linen?



Made from the beautiful flax grass plant, linen begins as a long fibrous stem and transforms into the strong silky yarn you see in our scarves and napkins. Linen is one of the oldest man-made textiles . Woven dyed flax fibres were found in a prehistoric cave in Georgia dating back 36,000 years – a testament to its long life and resilience, that's for sure!

As you probably know if you've been following us for a while, Ireland was the world’s largest producer of linen in the nineteenth century and the industry was predominantly based in the North of Ireland. There, thousands of people and entire communities were wholly employed in the production of growing and processing flax and weaving linen. Today the properties of Irish linen are of great interest to us in Stable. Never has there been a time when we've needed linen more. It is a natural, recyclable, sustainable fabric to use across clothing, household linens, furnishings and industry. Need convincing? Let us tell you why:



The fact that linen grows out of the earth is good for everything. It's a crop that provides work for communities. It regrows every year and if well managed, the land is minimally impacted. The entire plant is used in production so there's no waste, and compared to cotton, it uses far less water and is much more weather-resistant. 

It's good for us

Linen is a breathable fabric, perfect when it's hot and when it's cold. People with sensitive skin find linen soft enough to wear. And the flax plant doesn't only produce natural fibres for linen yarns; it also yields flax seeds, which are rich in oils, fibres and nutrients that are great for our bodies. 


Well-cared-for linen will last and last. There are many examples of tablecloths and homeware that are generations old. This makes it possible for us to reuse and reimagine what our linen can be and then. At the end of its life, being a plant-based fibre, it biodegrades beautifully and naturally and the earth can take it back.


Linen is surely nature’s answer to a sustainable fabric choice. The entire plant is utilised for a whole spectrum of uses across clothing, home accessories, health care and the beauty industry. We love linen, and Irish linen in particular. We'll continue to champion its qualities and properties to spread the love!

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