STABLE Guide To: Our Favourite Beaches in the West of Ireland


Rossadillisk beach in County Galway 


There is nothing we love more than jumping in the car and taking to the open road. Car journeys with us always take twice as long because we are constantly pulling over the car to take pictures of any beautiful scene that catches our eye. As much as we love the journey we also love arriving at the destination. Whether it’s to switch off for a couple of weeks and recuperate or to get creative as we swoon over new colours being created on the looms, we always make time for a little exploration which often leads to a lot of inspiration.


We were delighted to launch The Swim Collection at the beginning of the month, and have been delighted with the response to it, so we wanted to share some of our, and our friends, favourite spots to go for a dip. We’re starting in the west, and sticking with the coastal locations just because the water is so fantastically blue and the views are second to none, but will continue to explore and write about the rest of our beautiful country over the coming weeks and months.


1. Rossadillisk, Co Galway

We’ve mentioned our friends in The Sea Hare before and they’re based in the gorgeous seaside town of Cleggan – it’s worth a trip there for the gorgeous landscape you encounter on the windy road from Clifden alone – and Rossadilisk is a firm favourite of theirs. On our trip last year, we went for an evening swim – pictured – and were completely enamoured with the clear, calm water that it’s first on our list for when we travel again.


2. Portacloy, Co Mayo

We’ve always loved visiting Mayo. There is no end to its spectacular beaches, coastal scenery and vivacious landscape; choosing one beach was difficult but we love Portacloy beach for its cliff surroundings and how secluded it is from the rest of the world – the perfect way place to switch off. 


3. Streedagh Beach, Co Sligo

Oh Sligo, the home of WB Yeats, a man who was so often inspired by his surroundings, and a place that never fails to provide us with inspiration. Benbulben was the backdrop for our first image in The STABLE Shed Project so it felt only right to suggest Streedagh beach as from here you have views of this magnificent mountain and much more.


4. Muighinis Beach, Co Galway

A little island off the coast of Galway, Muighinis beach is the perfect escape from every day normality. Pack a picnic and spend the day here enjoying calming views across the Atlantic Ocean. As the saying goes, ‘Next stop America!’


5. Coral Strand, Co Galway

We clearly have a soft spot for Galway considering we’re including three beaches here – but can you really blame us? We love visiting Coral Strand because of its spectacular sand. It’s not exactly soft under the toes, in fact, it’s the complete opposite of that, but it is such a beautiful colour that it feels like we’re being transported to an exotic country.

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