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Deirdre McQuillan


Green, white and orange spell one thing – the Irish tricolour, the national flag, ensign of the Republic, proud symbol of this country and its identity. But the green, white and orange in Stable’s popular tricolour scarf are of a different shade altogether. The subtle tones of their design were chosen for their reference to Ireland’s wild natural landscape – the green Donegal seaweeds, the deep orange Montbretia (known in the west of Ireland as the “back to school flower”) and the grey limestone of the Burren.


Since its launch in 2016 for the centenary of the Easter Rising, Stable’s tricolour scarf has been joyfully worn for all sorts of occasions – by new citizens proudly proclaiming their new status, at matches, concerts, marriages, welcome homes, birthdays and celebrations. It has flown all over the world.


Most dramatically of all on 8 March every year, a hardy group of women mark International Women’s Day by braving the chilly waters of the famous FortyFoot in Dublin’s Sandycove for a swim. Afterwards they wrap themselves in their breezy Stable tricolours for group shots that proclaim the fun, pride and sheer power that this scarf represents. 


It has remained a much-loved best seller ever since its launch, popular with fans of both sexes, prominent among them Bono of U2 who gave it his imprimatur when he sported it at the MTV Awards in London’s Trafalgar Square a year later.


The scarf (€240) in the softest cashmere modal is a generous 2.8 metres long and 1.4 metres wide, folds easily and can be wrapped around the neck for volume, warmth and effect. It makes a great, easily portable gift.


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