Gift Guide for Mums


Mothers are to be celebrated and loved! The giving and the doing, the providing, the teaching, the nurturing, the feeding, the safe place, the shapers of experience, the moulders of confidence, the givers of memories. We salute you mothers of the world not only on Mothers day but everyday.


We love this  excerpt from Seamus Heaney's Poem;



When All The Others Were Away At Mass


“When all the others were away at Mass
I was all hers as we peeled potatoes.
They broke the silence, let fall one by one
Like solder weeping off the soldering iron:
Cold comforts set between us, things to share
Gleaming in a bucket of clean water.
And again let fall, little pleasant splashes
from each other's work would bring us to our senses".


We have put together some ideas for gifts that your mum might love. We wish you all a happy day celebrating and loving mothers around the globe. 


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